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Wedding videography in Perth ranks among the top essentials of a contemporary wedding plan

You are looking for an elegant above the average wedding video. You want to look back on your upcoming wedding and reminisce on the beginning of a journey of a lifetime 10 years, 20 years and 60 years from now. You understand that being able to show your children, your grandchildren, your friends, and your family the moment that you say “I do” is just as important, if not infinitely more so, than the colour of the flowers or the size of the cake. And you want a professional, stunning showcase for your unique love story. You have come to the right place. Wedding Videographers Film Weddings; Dynomedia Captures Memories

Staffed by professional artists and videographers, Dynomedia captures the essence of you, your partner, your relationship, and your friends and family on film. While you’re in the midst of planning your big day, everything from the venue to the seating arrangements, it’s so very important to remember that when the time comes, those things will only act as the backdrop for what is really happening.

You are committing your life to the one that you love, taking vows in front of the people who matter to you the most. And perhaps the greatest thing you can do on your wedding day is not just create a stunning framework of carefully selected flowers and that perfect not-too-stiff-up-do, but record how he nervously giggles right before he starts his vows, or the soft sigh that escapes her right after. These are the things that will give you goose bumps a few decades from now, as you’re curl up in a home full of memories and laughter.

This is what we film and that is what you’ll witness and experience when you watch your wedding video years from now.

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We provide you with an extensive range of services in easy to understand packages. With a minimum of two videographers, we offer up to whole day coverage, from preparation to reception, and provide you with a wedding video on DVDs or Blu-ray. We will edit your footage to a beautiful finished product, capturing the most breathtaking moments from your special day. And our videographers are professionals, this what they do, unlike many weekend warriors that are out there: you’ll barely notice them on the day, as their unobtrusive approach to filming your big event is a key ingredient to capturing its natural essence.

All too often, couples routinely find themselves the victims of a basement videographer: an individual who sincerely believes that weddings are “easy” to film. In reality, capturing emotions on film requires experience and skills that take years of training and dedication to develop. A wedding film is more than a record of the day, it is a testament of love, commitment and joy, and these are the memories you will cherish forever. Whether you are looking for a short movie style highlights video or multi-camera coverage of the entire day, we offer tailored packages and flexible payment options to suit your requirements, call us now on 08 9444 4144 or send us an email any time for further information.

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